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Coaching for mental clarity and your unique path

"Avoiding normality of being is the biggest motivation for me to coach people in their own game and find their uniqueness. In the end, what would society be without specialized people, disruptive and fresh ideas - without different games to play? Let's play this game of life the way we find interesting and spread our joy with understanding."

Mindful Minds workshop for industries

Uplift the energy of your workspace and give your employees skills tools for stress relief by introducing them to mindfulness.

1 hour workshop includes:
> get to know theory of mindfulness (science and tools behind it)

> Relaxation exercises to build up mindful work and life

Free lectures for high school students

I offer 75 min lectures for high school students:

Mental clarity is for health education courses

Know yourself
is a lecture for student counselling courses

Lectures can also be held outside teaching hours.
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All services available in Finnish.