Daniel Lammi

Life-long learner taking a role of student, teacher and coach.

I am a visionare, disrupter and analytical deep thinker who likes to solve problems with positive mindset. My strengths are in change processes when it comes to achieving new goals of individuals and organizations and I specialize in mental health and clarity with my unique self-actualization coaching services and public writing / speaking.

My Story

Read my story towards self-actualization from lonely child to everyone's friend and how I ended up steering my studies and work from mathematics and physics to psychology, philosophy and coaching.
In the story there are my key lessons from my mistakes and how norms suppressed my inner being who I have always been.
Don't do the same mistakes, be yourself.

Understanding and expanding consciousness

My mission is to understand the deeper aspects of motivations and liberate people from ideas that limit their growth. By disrupting existing ideas, I aim to optimize and unify ideas towards sustainable solutions and goals with a new consciousness.

My vision is to have a world full of understanding and compassion, free from judgement and suffering. My work with consciousness expanding aims to actualized people, teams, organisations and further, more conscious society.


International Coach Certificate from World Coaching Organisation

Mindvalley certificates


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